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Sep 24, 2022 10:30 Auction Details

The minimum investment is $10
In the Auction section, you can view the rating of investors. The one who takes the first place will receive a prize. If your investment was $10, and the subsequent partner invests $11, he becomes the winner, but if you invest $12, you will be in the lead again. Deposits are not cumulative, after opening a deposit in the Auction section, your deposit is valid for 185 days under the terms of Comfort tariff plans.

The winner has the right to receive an amount that is a multiple of the prize value.

After winning the auction, you must contact the company's support service and provide data confirming the transaction - txid.

The prize will be sent anywhere in the world, the delivery time of your prize is from 7 to 30 days.

The winner of the prize must record 2 video clips. The Company has the right to post materials in its information sources. In the first video, indicate that you won the auction, your prize and the name of our company. In the second video, you demonstrate the prize, the name of the company, the section in which you received this prize.

The auction continues the drawing without stopping. With each auction, the prize and its value grow, as well as the number of auction days.

Headphones are the beginning, let's look at your interest and reaction. It is likely that you will get a car, an apartment or your house from Alqvimix. Our company is unique, there are no competitors with such a program!

The roadmap for receiving prizes is designed for 365 days.
We thank the company's partners for their trust!

ALQVIMIX is an investment company

We value our investors who have given us the opportunity to compete with the best companies. Have questions?